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Bringing forth an array of medicinal herbs, botanical herbs, siddha senna leaves, siddha crude drugs, senna leaves, crude drugs, like Abies Webbiana, Acave Americana, Acorus Calamus, Andropogon Muricatus, Berberis Aristata, Boerhaavia Diffusa, Chenopodium Album, Datura Alba, Eucalyptus Leaves, etc.....

About Us

Knowledge of naturally extracted herbs and their variations in medicinal applications has enhanced the use of herbal medicine to a massive extent.

Numerous problems and health issues can be treated easily by Herbal Medicine.

Karthik Enterprises are highly proficient and renowned as a leading medicinal herbs trader.

Representing the third generation of Karthik Enterprises family, our business is known for the traditional quality herbal. Recently operated by Mr. M. Gunasekaran who is B.E., M.Tech, D.A.C., M.D. (Acu), D.M.T and M.H.R.E.I.

They have been in this medical genre of service now for a considerable period.

Under the professional management of Mr. M. Gunasekaran we add on an increased strength to the growth of Karthik Enterprises.

He has worked as a scientist in CVRDE (Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment) and has gained expertize by undergoing courses in Magneto Therapy, Homeopathy, Acu Pressure and Acu Puncture. He also holds sound knowledge on medicinal herbs and dedicates himself in serving clients in a refined and the most efficient form.

We have managed to grow steadily with our dedicated objectives to achieve customer satisfaction and complete quality assurance.

Located at a place well known for its herbal resources, Tuticorin, South India, we routinely supply a variety of medicinal herbs as per stipulated time frames of our clients.

Our product portfolio include Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Spices, Crude Drugs, Senna products, Dry Flowers, Dry Fruits, Gums, Indian Medicinal & Botanical Herbs.

Our Mission is "To completely satisfy our customers with quality assured products at a competitive price"

We welcome agents for genuine liaising to enhance our trade in the Germany, China, U.S.A., Japan and other Middle East & European countries.

Interested persons may send their inquiries to us.