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Our Products

Majorly used for illness, Medicinal Herbs are a gift from nature to human kind. In order to create well-being and optimum health these are highly recommended for preventing diseases from developing. Herbs provide cheap, effective and permanent remedies for any illness. Leaves, flowers, roots or the entire plant has properties to serve as medicines. We provide outcomes after rigorous research and perfect results. Our product range is categorized as below.

Abies webbiana

Acave Americana

Abrus precatorius

Aconitum Heterophyllum

Acorus calamus

Andropogon Muricatus

Alpinia Galanga

Asparagus Adscendens

Antrographis peniculata

Bay Leaves

Basil Leaves

Bergera Koenigii

Berberis Aristata

Boerhaavia Diffusa

Cyperus Rotundus

Cassia Leaves

Centella Asiatica


Cuttle fish bone

Cyperus Rotundus

Datura Alba

Eucalyptus Leaves

Eclipta Prostrata

Euphorbia Herbs

Glorisa Superba Root

Hemidesmus Indicus

Gymnema Sylvestre

Hydrocotyle Asiatica

Lawsonia alba

Lobelia Nicotianaefolia

Lemon Grass Leaf

Melia Azadirachta

Mollugo Cervina

Myristica Malabarica

Myristica Fragrans

Myrtus Caryophllus

Neem Leaves

Neem Oil

Neem Cake

Neem Extract

Ocimum basilicum

Papaya leaves

Passiflora Herbs


Pedalium Murex

Plantago Ispagula

Phylanthus Niruri

Pongamia Glabra

Psidium Guyava

Salacia Reticulata

Psyllium Husk

Senna Dust


Senna Leaves Prime No.1

Senna Leaves Prime No.2

Senna Leaves Prime No.3

Senna Leaves Prime No.4

Senna Leaves Prime No.5

Senna Pods FAQ Quality


T' Cut of Senna Pods / Senna leaves

Vinca Rosea Leaves

Vinca Rosea Roots

Thyme Alphe

Vitis quadrangularis

Yellow Dock Roots

Withania Somnifera


Black Pepper

Cellary Seeds



Coriander Seeds

Dill Seeds

Cumin Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Fenu Greek Seeds


Dry Flower:

We have all the Indian based dried decorative flowers. The enlisted items must be supplied in natural colors. Coloring charges for pigmentation will be extra:

Amara Nut

Arthi Pod

Amirtha Leaves

Atta Fruit

Babu La Cut


Baby wood rose

Bakuli Pod

Balis Grass

Big Bulton

Banana Stem Cut

Birch Pine

Bora Flower

Brided Palm leaf

Brided Corn Stalk

Camel Fruit

Canala Bunch

Cane Spring Mini

Cane Cone Mini

Cardamom Husk

Casurina Pod

Cedar Rose

Cauveri Grass

Chakkara Pod

Cherry Leaves

Coco Fruit

Coco Flower

Coco Petal

Coco Stemp Cut

Corn Grass

Coco Top cut

Corn Slice

Cotton Chips

Cox comb

Cotton Pods

Curly Pod

Dhel Kai

Euca bell mini

Dry Tree

Ear Cone

Fish Pod

Globe White

Flying Pod

Fibre coco

Indian Bell cup

Kowri Fruit

Green Grass

Kora Grass

Lemon Grass

Meri Gold

Krishna Leaves

Lolly Pod

Nithi Leaves Cut

Packia Petal

Mike Petal

Nithi Leaves Full

Palm Slice Cut

Palm With Stemp

Pal Possa

Palm Spare Mini

Paper Arjun

Paris Pupil


Paris Pupil

Read Grass

Rice Grass

Pine Cone

Red Grass

Screw Pod

Sesami Husk

Ring Pod

Sea Grass

Smalley Leaves

Sona Seed

Sim Grass

Sona Grass

Sponge Mushroom

Star Grass

Spider Grass

Star Flower

Step Fruit Cut

Toul coil

Swart Cut

Twisted leaf Cut

Velvet Flower

Virali Flower

Velvet Pod

Wind Mill Pod

Zim Zim Pod

Quality System

Dealing with medicinal products which intent for good health, complete personal attention towards quality is paid by us. Quality is assured by our experienced chemical engineers, laboratory staff, quality analysts, research staff, supervisors who retain a sterile working atmosphere and use superior grade raw materials in all the formulations.

We also have a well-equipped laboratory featuring latest machines and equipment to examine various quality parameters. Our products adhere to International quality parameters and are verified before being sent to the end users.

Infrastructural Setup

In order to process our work in an effective manner, we have state-of-the-art Machinery installed inclusive of Blenders, Pressing Machines, Mixers, etc.

Our production capacity is 10 MT of senna leaves per day. Additionally, we also have a packaging unit, a strong network spread across Rajasthan and Gujarat and sound transportation system to ensure prompt delivery of the products. Our company intakes almost 50% of the Harvest of senna Leaves at Tamil Nadu and maintain large stocks of the same to effectively meet all kinds of both big and small consignments.